In the middle of all the sparring on the blogs regarding adults that have gone missing and may have been victims of the LISK comes a rather strange story that demonstrates that even in this modern information age, it is  possible to live in this country virtually undetected.


It is not intended for this blog to connect in any way to the LISK case but rather try and add another scenario to explain why the many adult women AND men go missing each and every day.

There are a number of adult women from right here in Central Florida who have vanished without a trace.


While the loved ones think that perhaps they have met with foul play or others speculate that they may be the victims of human trafficking there is now the glimmer of hope that these missing adults may have gotten overwhelmed in some way with issues in their personal lives that they felt that running away and falling off the grid was their only recourse.





A long shot of hope is better than no hope at all.

Stay tuned