Once upon a time there was a dispute between two women over on Facebook that eventually spilled over onto Twitter. As is the case with most of these disputes, there were some severe accusations and some severe actions against each other thrown into the mix.

One of the women saw that I was posting about cyber stalking on Facebook and contacted me. We had a brief discussion and the net result was that she sent me some information on the person she claimed was stalking her. In the packet of information she sent was a photograph of a house and a van in the driveway next to it.

I was alarmed when I saw this because the license tag of the vehicle and the house number were clearly visible. It is good to note here that at that time, I was not aware of the massive amount of doxing that was going on all over the internet and that there were better and more effective sources of information one might check to get whatever information you wanted on someone.

Anyhow, I was concerned because I knew that this was a woman with children who lived in the house and thought it was not wise that this photo should be given out to a total stranger.

In foresight I made the mistake of contacting the woman about the photo of her house and informed her of my concerns. We had discussions about the situation and she soon informed me of a pending court action against her stalker. She asked if I would testify about the photo at a hearing over on the west coast of the state and I agreed to do so. Things went fine for a while. For whatever reason, my testimony was never needed as the proceedings went on without my information being supplied.

In the mist of all of this I was still in contact with the other woman in this dispute. I had let the both of them know that I was not taking sides in the dispute and was hoping that there might be a solution to their dispute. I learned quickly never to get in between two women arguing. It is a futile effort.

Right in the middle of all of this, the group of trolls who are constantly after me decided to butt into the situation and at first, took the side of the woman from the East Coast of Florida. They started to cite all of the propaganda against me.

Then the woman did something completely unexpected. She used her account with Beenverified.com to do a background check on me. I had given my permission to do so. She then published the results. My haters were quite angry as the national background check showed that I had absolutely NO criminal record.

The haters immediately contacted the other woman and they all became fast friends. This, in spite of all of the help I had given and had offered to give in relation to the photo.

In spite of these turn of events, I still had not taken sides in their dispute. I did not turn on the west coast woman and suddenly run over to the defense of the woman on the east coast. I remained neutral and still do so although I am beginning to see that one might have a better case of being a stalking victim than the other.

My haters immediately started to bully the east coast woman and continue to do so to this day. The west coast woman is relishing her new found friends and bullying me at the same time, completely forgetting how we came to know each other in the first place.

You would think I would have learned my lesson, but no, when I saw that someone needed information about something I had knowledge about, I decided to contact her with the information she was seeking. Brother that was a big mistake.

The picture was of a Drone, more specifically a quadracopter. Most of these things are used to fly around with a camera mounted on it. The camera streams live video to a receiver and the operator of the thing can see what the camera sees.

And what do I get for my trouble? This woman sends me a terse letter accusing me of owning the thing and somehow being involved in the LISK case which is about some unsolved killings of women in Long Island New York.

This time around, not only have my haters embraced this latest wing nut but so has the woman on the west coast of Florida. My mistake of trying to help people regarding photographs on the internet has come full circle.

The next time I see a photo on the internet from someone either needing help or that should be of concern to someone, I am going to ignore the damn thing.

Stay tuned