tchIt has been interesting to watch the never ending bashing of one Timothy Holmseth and those who even remotely support his point of view regarding whatever happened to Haleigh Cummings.

The vast majority of this criticism comes from a single source, Radionewz,net.

radionewzlogoI am even at the top of the Radio shit list for criticism that is above and beyond the norm. Why? In part because of some perceived circle of support I have for Mr Holmseth due to my friendly association with those who support him.

tfhBut, let us stay on point here. I suggest this “tin hat” theory, if you will in putting forth what a trial atty would call a hypothetical.

The question this hypothetical is meant to answer is this “What would be the best way to divert attention away from your role in the kidnapping of Haleigh Cummings?”

tricauglyprinniejoshandcarlabrileycnnThe answer might be to operate a popular blog and use the content of that blog to divert attention away from you towards someone else. In this case that diversion would be toward anyone who might be getting close to the truth.

 If one were to assume that a child had been “selected” and arrangements made to obtain that child, the next step in this hypothetical scenario is to figure out how to monitor the obvious law enforcement investigation to best deal with any evidence that may be found.

If one were to create a blog to use as a tool to monitor the case and deal with issues one would have to be certain the blog was of a size that would be large enough to garner the amount of attention that would allow it to have some influence of the case when necessary.

Once the base is established, one “obtains” the child through whatever plan was in place.

From that point on it is then an easy task to write about the case and talk about it. One advantage of having a popular blog is to have a group of “investigators” to weed out the clues that might lead back to you so that you can come up with ways to divert attention away from you.

rchaleighIn the case of Haleigh Cummings, the advantage that existed was that the adults around the child were involved in drug use. Just about everyone around Haleigh Cummings had a savory past.

It would be like shooting a fish in a barrel. The blogger need only to put the “sleuthers” on the immediate family.

In the event someone comes along to see through this net of deception, the blogger would then be able to target that individual, finding out his or her weakness and use the always present gullible follower to assist in persecuting that person. There are always willing trolls out there wanting to get the attention of a popular owner of a blog or forum. The troll wants  “in on the action” and is more than willing to cast morals and ethics aside in order to please their mentor and rise through the ranks of the entourage that surrounds the blog administration.


It also helps to have unsuspecting allies in the form of other media personalities and those within the legal and law enforcement professions. While most of these individuals may be intelligent and thus unable to be fooled by such deceptions, history has proven just the opposite. You are never too smart to be fooled or made a fool of.

atlantaSo now the kidnapper has the perfect weapon against getting discovered. A powerful propaganda tool and an army of devoted fans ready and willing to do “whatever it takes” to do their bidding.

A “tin hat” Scenario? ” Perhaps, but perhaps….not.

Stay tuned