The current dispute between Joseph Monks and Michelle Lynn McKee has brought out a number of actions by McKee that is alleged to have taken in regards to Joseph Monks and those that McKee took and may have taken against me since at least 2006.

Trial followers might remember the term “prior bad acts” being brought up http://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/fre/rule_608

In most cases it is used to impeach a witness, generally showing that they consistently lie or sometimes to prove they have acted in a dishonest manner.

The article by Joseph Monks does just that. I had not realized the extent of the dispute between Monks, McKee and In Cold Blog. It is a long blog but it is worth reading. It spells out the Modus opperandi of McKee.


One can look for more proof of how McKee operates by following her actions with the Steubenville rape case and now with the high profile Justice For Jake case now going strong in Ohio.

In all of these instances, McKee uses “whatever means necessary” to put forth her agenda and her solutions to whatever problem she perceives.

She is a vigilante who fits right in with Anonymous. I pity anyone who crosses paths with her. She will destroy you the same way she has destroyed me.

Stay tuned