tfhI had once thought that Radio of was an intelligent professional who wrote a blog for whatever reason she or he does. Brother was I wrong. Radio is yet another gullible fool and idiot that will believe anything anyone says, if it suits their agenda.

ckmsThe latest proof of this is provided by the latest nut case to join the flock. The mysterious MM7 claims to have proof that I am the target of a DOJ investigation by posting a response to a citizen complaint she sent to the DOJ.


Now what is LACKING in her “proof” is the letter SHE SENT to the DOJ spelling out exactly what the complaint is and who she is naming as potential person or persons of interest.

Now, one thing of interesting that Radio either did not catch or decided to ignore. MM& REDACTED THE NAME OF THE DOJ OFFICIAL WHO SENT HER THE REPLY TO HER COMPLAINT. Now why did she do that? This document is PUBLIC RECORD. In the FOIA request I made to the Tampa Division, regarding this letter, I will be interested just WHO it is that signed that letter and thus wonder why MM7 felt compelled to redact it.

I will also have all of the letter that will contain whatever ELSE MM7 felt compelled to redact. I doubt my name appears ANYWHERE on that redacted portion.

MM7 must not be familiar with how the Freedom of information act works. If a document is generated in the course of ANY government interaction be it local, county, state, or federal is open to the public. I will soon have the unedited version of the form and I will be talking to the person who sent it as well to the FBI.

I do not run from accusations such as this, I confront them head on. This is a lesson that MM7 is going to learn the hard way.

To remind Radio and others who read here, MM7 claims to have taken the drone to The Seminole County Sheriff’s department. She also claims they are actively investigating her complaint.

So the question here is, where is the property receipt from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department? Where is ANY record regarding the drone other than the one photograph taken through what seems to be a gate? Why only ONE photo of the drone. Why no photo of the drone clear of obsticles taken with a REGULAR digital camera that would have given a clearer indication to EXPERTS as to what this thing is used for?

One expert who did identify the device complained of it being taken with a cell phone which made detailed study of the device difficult.

fbigunLike I said the last time some screwball claimed I was being investigated, my life is an open book. There is a pastebin with all of my contact information on it. I now live in Orange county Florida which means I am within a 10 minute drive of the FBI office in downtown Orlando.

If the FBI or ANY OTHER law enforcement wants to meet with me, I am here or I can come there. I will even bring coffee and doughnuts.

Stay tuned