haleighI noticed that a certain blogger claims I made the prior blog to perhaps explain MY kidnapping of the child. There is a big weakness to this scenario. I am WELL KNOWN. ALL my personal information is out there. This blog is read, perhaps by 6 people at most according to one prominent blogger. I certainly do not have powerful allies in law enforcement or among media professionals and entertainers. The final nail in the coffin in the theory of that blogger is that I am flat broke. I do not have the financial resources to carry out the steps necessary to succeed with that scenario.

With that out of the way the question must be asked in this hypothetical is “what is the likely profile of the person who might have kidnapped Haleigh and have her in custody at this very moment.



First of all, the person would have to be fairly well off and in an occupation where they could work at home and not be on any schedule or requirement to go to an office or commute to work on a daily basis.


The person would have to reside in an area where they and the child would “blend in” and not be noticed that easily. A large metropolitan area such as Atlanta, Ga would be a good location given it’s large population and an area where professional consultants would find many opportunities to earn a living without having to have personal contact with their clientele. A likely occupation would be someone contracted to large telecommunication corporation such as ATT or Verizon.

vattThe person would have to have the knowledge and vast resources necessary to hide the electronic footprint on the internet that would prevent even law enforcement from backtracking from their blog to where they are actually located and reveal who they are.

Now why would subject kidnap a child rather than adopt one or have one of their own?

It is likely the subject is  barren and incapable of having children. Another scenario is that the subject lost custody of her current children due to divorce or government seizure and thus is not ALLOWED to have children under any circumstances. Hence the reason to hide her identity so that her violation would go undiscovered.

The subject is either single, widowed or divorced since it would be more complicated for a couple to pull a crime of this nature off. The subject likely lives completely alone with no family or close contact with any existing family. The latter may mean the subject is outcast from the family unit for whatever reasons. The subject would also most certainly have to be a female as she would relate better to a female child and also would be better equipped to handle the changes a female goes through during puberty. The subject’s instinct and desire to nurture a child would be a primary motive for this abduction.

The subject also may posses a thorough knowledge of the social sciences that allow her to be able to “read” people and know how to detect the personality types that can be manipulated for the various goals the subject wishes to accomplish.

The subject is also a recluse, rarely if ever seen in public except for the most necessary chores such as obtaining food and supplies, both of which could be obtained through professional shopping services and then delivered to the residence without the subject having to leave and be in public.

In this modern age of electronic transactions and the kinds of services available in a large city such as Atlanta, it would be quite easy to hide a child and still remain ON the grid.

All of these factors add to the reason for having a completely anonymous blog. The operator would be someone that has never been in public, has never been met by anyone associated with the blog be they guest writers, principals to the case, law enforcement or even close personal friends in the legal field.

This person would have NO internet footprint of a personal nature. No personal social media pages with PERSONAL media content. Any content at all would be of a generic nature off the internet.

Again, just a hypothetical but one with considering since kidnappings like the one theorized here have occurred and are being discovered more frequently.






Stay tuned