dji 450This has to be the dumbest woman I have ever seen on the internet or she just seems to bask in the attention she gets from making an absolute fool of herself.

I am not getting what she thinks she is accomplishing from inserting me into the LISK case she seems so intent on following.

Again, I am stating for the record, that I have NOTHING to do with the drone that seems to have found itself, first in this woman’s back yard and then in the alleged possession of the Seminole Florida Sheriff’s office.

This woman seems hell bent in pinning the ownership of that thing on me. Again, I do not own ANY drone, and I have never owned THAT drone.

In the letter the woman sent to me, she made it quite clear that she is accusing me of owning the thing and telling me that if I want it back to go up to the Sheriff’s office and get it. letter First, is the letter I sent to her:


For some strange reason that I can only theorize is a LIE OF OMMISSION, the woman did NOT publish her second letter to me regarding the drone. In that letter she clearly accused me of owning the drone and working with the person who she has been accusing of being The LISK

The woman posted the following on a twitter account. Someone from that Anonymous group sent me the link to the tweet and asked if I could offer any input. The reason the anonymous sent me the link is because I had been discussing law enforcement and  the government’s increasing use of drones and their objection to the practice.

That anonymous member is a follower of the twitter account where this posting came from.


All I did was advise the woman what it is likely used for and to check with her law enforcement agency to see what can be done about whoever owns it.

I was curious to find out who made the thing or whatever information I could find out about it, so I went to the DIY website to ask the experts.

The woman seems to have found where I did this and decided to post all of it, as well as my twitter posts adding her twists to what I wrote.

At my earliest opportunity I am going to go to the Seminole County Sheriff’s department with all the printouts I have made and ask them to get to the bottom of who owns that thing and why this woman thinks I am involved with the person she is accusing of stalking her as well as the case she is following.

It is up to you the reader, of either my blog or her’s to decide what or what not to believe.

Stay tuned