anonintWhen I got the link from a well known member of Anonymous, I should have realized that I was walking straight into a trap that reminded me of the great German Porn star hoax.

I am not going to go into detail regarding this little stunt other than to say it says a lot about the character of the Blogger that allowed this hoax to go forward. If not for a well known “individual” from Ohio and a couple of others from that secret blog, I never would have known the true nature of the stunt that blogger allowed to go forth.

The latest hoax of this nature, this time involving a drone, took advantage of my trusting nature and my willingness to help someone who seemed to have been the victim of a stalker.

Brother was I fooled. I was sent an e-mail from a member of Anonymous that had been in contact with me before that had a link to a twitter post having to do with a woman wanting to know the purpose of a drone in her back yard.



Not realizing that I was being set up for a fall, I went to the twitter link and examined the photo of the drone. I then went to the website of the woman and found her e-mail address. I sent the woman an e-mail(see above) explaining what it is that was in the photograph and my advice as to what to do about it.

Shortly thereafter I was sent a rather terse reply from the woman saying that “I am not going to get MY drone back.” and not to contact her again, anywhere.

I thought nothing of this and went about my business until I suddenly began getting flooded with e-mails regarding this woman and how she has done things like this before. Some of these messages went into great detail about her obsession with an unknown stalker that was after her over an unsolved crime she was following out of Long Island.

One of these e-mails also informed me that I had been set up and detailed how and by whom.

It started with someone seeing these photographs on my twitter page. It seems that the person had posted a photo of a drone she claimed was in her back yard. This person asked Anonymous, through another individual, to see if they could figure out what the thing was and what it was used for.

The Anonymous person told me that it was the photos from my twitter account that gave the person the idea to pull off this elaborate hoax, with some help.


I was also told by several sources that this person is an alleged liar that has pulled stunts of this nature before out of a need for constant attention and wanting to be perceived as super important.

I do not know if any of these accusations are true or if the drone in the photo is even a true representation of what happened to her or just a random photo she pulled off the internet in order to pull off this little hoax.

It is  interesting to note to anyone who looks up her twitter page regarding that thing these points. The drone is inoperative. The propellers are broken. A substantial amount of hardware is missing off of the drone.

It is my opinion that the drone pictured is probably a child’s toy used as a prop for an elaborate hoax at my expense. It is a piece of junk incapable of doing nothing except being a prop.

This is the price I paid trying to help someone and it is also a lesson learned. I will never, ever will try and help ANYONE from Anonymous again or anyone affiliated with them.

Stay tuned