Mr Jeff Gibson who lives somewhere in Central Florida left me a comment on this blog today where he says in part:

“that” stand your ground” law is nothing more than a crutch for sissy bitches like yourself to hide behind in case you say the wrong shit and someone comes along to beat the senses out of your ass”


One would have to conclude from that statement, that if it was not for the “stand your ground” law and “the castle doctrine” that Mr Gibson would extract the so called “ass beating” on me for “saying the wrong thing.” Adolf Hitler had something like Mr Gibson. It was called the SS.

This time, Mr Gibson has no excuse. The last time he said something close to this, he claimed it was about masturbation rather than a threat of physical violence. This time Mr Gibson has made it clear that if it was not for legal constraints that he would be tempted to extract a “physical” message upon me for saying something he did not agree with.

Mr Gibson also went on to threaten me with civil action and to go down to the Orange County Sheriff’s department and file charges.

Well, Mr Gibson, bring it on. Go down to the corner of John Young Parkway and West Colonial Drive and state your case. I am located about 5 minutes from there.


I have printouts of an interesting Twitter account that they might wish to see.