Trica Griffith, owner of Websleuths.com has been accused by Michelle Lynn McKee of giving the personal information of Alexandra H Goddard to the owner of this blog around the time Alexandra H Goddard started stalking my multimedia streams.



This, of course, is not true, since Alexandra H Goddard has stated on a number of occasions that she believes it was a person she called “Aunt Crazy” from DeKalb County, Illinois.

The fact of the matter is that Alexandra H Goddard provided her information herself when she wrote about the problems she had with her family in Illinois in the now defunct blog Beaconhell.com.

In that defunct blog, Alexandra H Goddard wrote an autobiography of her self. Goddard wrote extensively about the accusations she had made against her family members that included income tax fraud, the use of under aged employees in the operation of machinery as well as being the power of attorney for a convicted felon serving time in an Illinois state prison for check fraud.

Since Michelle McKee has been a personal friend of Alexandra H Goddard for quite a number of years, I am a bit confused that she was not aware of of Beaconhell.com and the contents within.

I suppose that one of the four readers of this blog might want to contact MS. Griffith and ask for her side of the story.

Stay tuned