ontheairnevesI find it rather strange that even though I am blocked from reading that blog that Radionewz.net keeps stalking me, why?

tchThis smear campaign started with me criticizing the bullying of those who participated in the Casey Boycotts and earlier, in the case of Haleigh Cummings.

The attacks against me have intensified since a Mr Boyle started commenting here. That has to make me wonder if there is something about the dispute between Mr Boyle and Atty Kim Picazio.


I have tried to remain neutral when it comes to the stories I have heard about Mrs Picazio and the disputes she seems to be having with an increasing number of those who have issues with her past actions and that of her husband.

I have tried to respect Mrs Picazio’s point of view but in light of this almost year long and intense smear campaign against me and certain other individuals, I have to wonder if there is a basis for the claims and accusations directed toward Mrs Picazio and her family.

There being some kind of cover up can be the only logical reason for the intense stalking and smearing of me that is continuing on a daily basis.

I welcome anyone to submit their opinions regarding anyone having to do with the Cummings case and perhaps in the process we can figure out just what the hell is going on with that case that has triggered such an uproar.

Stay tuned