The one question I am always asked in the debate over the years regarding the infamous PM’S is “Who is the person on the other side of the conversation(s)?”

The answer always is “nobody knows.” First of all since the messages were largely counterfeit and tampered with, there actually is no “person on the other side.”

This is why Alexandra H Goddard, Michelle Lynn McKee or any of the others have never attempted to identify who it is. The person simply did not exist since the whole thing was manufactured in the first place.

What IS interesting is what happened when someone came forward and CONFESSED to FAKING the PM’s as well as CONFESSING to other actions affiliated with them.

Almost immediately this person was attacked rather than people asking if perhaps what this person had to say might just be the truth.


At the time this blog came out the Radio lackeys were new to this dispute.

Since is this the case, how did Holly Briley become an expert on one SBD and as a result start on an internet campaign to discredit this person that included putting the personal information about his entire family and encouraging all to call his employer in Lakeland, Florida.

ALL of this, in spite of the owner of the blog AND the employer confirming the named person DID NOT have access to the company computers for surfing the internet since they are hooked to a closed network not capable of accessing the internet.


Murt, I too am sorry for all that I’ve done to you. Holly, Radio and Princess all involved me because they said, and I quote, “We want to make that old man suffer for trying to out us.”

Murt, all they are doing is pulling your chain in hopes of getting you off the internet. The only reason I leave nasty, vile comments is because I want all of them to think that I condone what they’re doing, when in fact, I don’t.

I know what horrible, disgusting people all of them are and I don’t want to be a part of their lies any longer. I’m sorry Murt.

Not that this little fact did not stop the lackeys from trying to silence this confessional. The owner of the blog one day simply to quit blogging but left the blog in place rather than close it down. To this day the owner has not been positively identified.


I would suggest that all go and read the blog and decide for yourselves. Ask yourself why the most ardent opponent of mine, one SBD would go out of his way to try and clear my name?

He could have simply joined in on heaping the slander the others have done against me. There are other holes in their arguments as well that come out in the companion twitter account:

Even Radio chimed in not wanting to give an inch to the likely hood that the PM matter was nothing more than an internet hoax. That would mean that Radio would have to admit that her hero was a liar and it could not face that likely hood no matter how obvious it might be.

And so it goes, as time goes on, I think that more are going to see the light and start coming forward to confess to the various frauds that have been going on for years.

The only reason they have not done so, so far, is because of the reprisals directed against those who have confessed already.

Stay tuned