ontheairRadio has claimed many times not to care about what is written in my blog. Radio  claims that only a few people read here. If that is the case then why does it take and post an ENTIRE ARTICLE from this blog on it’s blog?


So much for not caring.

What IS interesting is the comments section on Radio’s blog. Michelle McKee makes the excuse that because the person is a nurse, she is justified in making the call to her employer.

Oh really? Then this rule must also apply to the person who is screaming lawsuit complaining that people called the college she claimed to work at in order to “get her fired.

Since I did not see the comment that sparked McKee’s tantrum, I do not know if she is even telling the truth.

Not only is Michelle Lynn McKee is a well known stalker, but she is a well known liar as well.

Using the “McKee” standard the call or calls would have been justified as the person was representing a public institution and was making the offending posts while working, thus engaging in “work time theft.”

This is yet another example of where these people keep making up excuses for why they can do anything they want to do and then falsely accusing others of doing the exact same thing.

Stay tuned