ontheairOne of the biggest mistakes I ever made happened way back in 2010. I had come across what I THOUGHT was a good blog about true crime and missing children. At that time the blog was actually covering missing child cases and not engaging in openly smearing people and spreading false rumors.

What had caught my attention was the rumor that Websleuths.com was banning anyone who went to that blog and read it. I wrote about this incident and also did a review where I complimented the blog and recommended that people go and visit it.









It turns out that I was completely wrong.

Now do understand that I still disagree with Websleuths threatening to ban anyone for going there and reading the blog.

Moving along:

It took a format change that happened over a year ago to make me realize the errors of my ways. I had thought that POLITELY engaging the current owner of the blog would help me understand why this change had taken place.

That turned out to be a mistake and things are where they are today. For a year those who have been the victims of the blog’s tirades have contacted me with what has been posted about them.

Now even the citizens of Steubenville, Ohio who disagree with the position Radio takes on matters there are the targets of the blog’s lies and intimidation.

McKee got the claim that I was “kissing ass” when it came to that blog since after I posted that review, I had little contact with that blog for almost two years and for the reasons I stated above.

It was a mistake I made that I do not intend to make again.

Stay tuned