Michelle Lynn McKee is at it again on twitter posting lie after lie about me. Odd how she does not tell people she wants me to DIE and to go KILL myself.

Michelle Lynn McKee is right about one thing. Law enforcement did tell her to “go fuck herself” and to quit bothering them with her claims that I MURDERED children. FINALLY she admits that.mlmcops

Law enforcement stated that if she called one more time, they would have her ARRESTED!

She then LIES about an article I wrote YEARS AGO claiming it was about HER and revealing a “condition” that nobody knew about until today.




What McKee seems to have forgotten is that Alexandra H Goddard wrote on Beaconhell.com an article entitled Mommies Follies. It was in that article that Goddard exposed this medical condition of an Arizona woman. Both the blog and the article are now gone.

To bad McKee does not consult with her mentor before she makes a fool out of herself. There are other claims McKee makes on her blog that I have not heard before. Those claims now call into question her moral  character in ways that I am not going to go into here.

Based on what I have been sent regarding what McKee has posted today, I cannot determine what is true about her and what is not.

At this point it does not matter if people believe me or her. The damage to me has been done. Nothing anyone could hope to do would reverse it. I am 62 plus years old and it is too late to start over. All I can hope to do is live one day at a time until it is time for me to leave this earth.

Stay tuned