One of the things I wanted to do when covering the case of Caylee Anthony was to provide gavel to gavel live coverage of the trial. The reason being was at the time there was no way to view the trial without having it constantly interrupted by commercials.











When the trial did start, many of the media outlets did decide to stream the pool feed from the courthouse which did make me having to go down there and sit in the room where the feed can be connected to direct unnecessary.

This was the exception to the rule at that time. Courttv who originated the concept of covering trials live 24/7 abandoned the concept and only covers these trials on an erratic basis and only those that are  high profile cases.

When they do cover trials, they interrupt them with commercials and in order to make sure the audience does not miss anything, archive the footage missed during the commercial and then starts broadcasting the content after the commercial breaks.

This has the effect of progressively delaying the time the trial is finally viewed in conjunction to the live events of the trial.

A new website that solves all of these problems has turned up recently:



This website is an absolute marvel. It provides complete coverage of the trials of most interest to all who wish to view the trials and then comment on them on the various social media accounts Wild About Trials has set up.


To all of us who are trial junkies, this is what we have been waiting for. Go there and enjoy what they have to offer.

Stay tuned