anonintA rather interesting thing has been taking place over the past couple of days. I have been having Skype conversations with some rather interesting folks from the other side of the pond.

These folks claim to be the REAL Anonymous, the genuine article, so to speak. In these discussions they have told me their version of how Anonymous came into being and what the mantra of the genuine Anonymous is.

Their reason for contacting me this past Wednesday and just about every day since is their increasing anger over who they are calling “The Pretenders.”

In this conversation, these individuals informed me that they have been watching the actions of the pretenders with great interest. They are not pleased at what they have been seeing.

They have told me that they plan on dealing with the pretenders but have not told me how.

When asked what message I should pass on to those concerned I was given this one that is short, blunt and to the point:


Stay tuned