uglyprinniePeople keep asking me why I still bring up the actions of Alexandra H Goddard against me that began in the fall of 2008.

After all, some say, she has not mentioned my name for years. She has moved on, and so forth. Not so fast.

There is her legacy of hate that I have to confront and live with each and every day. Alexandra H Goddard either created or was the catalyst for the creation of several defamatory blogs and other websites against me. Alexandra H Goddard was the catalyst for the creation of photoshopped pornographic images of me that is posted on several different blogs to this day.

These images fit the legal definition of cyber abuse and harassment. Since Alexandra H Goddard lives outside of Florida and she goes through great lengths to hide her location, it is unlikely she will ever have to account for her actions against me and others.

Each and every individual out there from Michelle Lynn McKee and others who use the material supplied or archived by Alexandra H Goddard is carrying on her legacy of hate. The legacy of a woman who has told lie upon lie about me. The legacy of a woman who created fake press releases encouraging my clients not to do business with me and those who are doing business with me to cease doing so.

Alexandra H Goddard has encouraged her followers to make false and misleading charges against me to various state and local agencies. One close associate of Alexandra H Goddard, Angelinflorida even went to the extremes of trying to influence Lake County Officials to sidestep state regulations of due process when she barged into a matter she had no business being involved in.

There is also the bribing or “persuading” the former writer for a spoof newspaper in South Florida to write a negative article about me after which the haters that follow Goddard filled the article with defamatory charges against my business which was one of the reasons I had to close the business down.

There is yet another anonymous individual out there who is exposing the Legacy of Hate against Alexandra H Goddard.

If this individual succeeds in exposing the hate that is Alexandra H Goddard, it will be something that I was unable to accomplish.

For her own selfish reasons, Alexandra H Goddard who was, up until the fall of 2008 was a complete stranger to me, barged into my  life and destroyed it with her lies, propaganda and pornography.

After all this woman has done to me, she has the audacity to claim that I am the one stalking her. I am doing no such thing.

All I am doing is countering the hate of Alexandra H Goddard.

Stay tuned