Alexandra H Goddard, who claims to have broke the story of the Big Red Red Case, has been accused by a mysterious on line individual of making as much as $10,000 by exploiting the story of Jane Doe in one month alone.


The person has also challenged Goddard to a debate to answer a number of questions in regards to the accusations. As of this date, Goddard has refused any debate regarding this issue, letting others do her speaking for her.


Alexandra Goddard, in the past has attacked those who she accuses of making money off high profile cases such as Missing or murdered children.

The twitter account holder has also made other accusations of Alexandra Goddard including “serious charges”


MS Goddard is being accused of making money off of high profile rape cases of teenagers by promoting a web service called interestingly enough “Creepyourkids.”

The twitter account holder has issued an ultimatum to Ms Goddard that has a deadline of this coming Sunday.


Since I do not expect Ms Goddard to meet the demands of this person, I will be interested to see what exactly this person is set to disclose to the public.

Stay tuned