The one thing I have learned from the mistake of paying attention to Radio’s blog is thinking that it was interested in telling  the truth. I was quite wrong. All Radio is interested in is the NUMBERS it gets of visitors to it’s blog.

Radio and it’s alts have made various statements and claims against me since almost the day I decided to make remarks about the blog constantly smearing and defaming those it disagreed with.

ALL the criticisms, claims and statements made by Radio and it’s alts have been either dead wrong or bald faced lies.

tfhThe latest example is a remark sent to be that was made by Minerva, one of the alts over there. For quite a long time now I have asked Minerva to provide where it got the false and misleading information it posted about certain items that Minerva claimed I owned.

These items were not expensive or luxury items but, instead, a mobile home, an old car and pick up truck and a utility trailer the alt claimed was in pawn.

None of this would be significant except for two facts. First, there was some personal information in the post that is in violation of both Florida law and about 90% of sponsored blogs and social media sites.

All I have asked is for Radio and it’s alt Minerva to back up their claims on the blog. Prove the validity of where this information came from. They have refused.

And why have they refused to back up their claims about me?



Stay tuned