congressThere has been a raging debate that has been going on over a piece of legislation that some claim would intrude on the privacy of those of us that use the internet on a daily basis. And what large group is doing the most intense lobbying against this measure?


To understand why Anonymous is against this legislation it is best to understand exactly what this bill covers.

CISPA stands forThe Cyber Intelligence and Sharing Protection Act.

So, what would happen if this bill were passed? That depends who you ask.

flowchartThose in favor of this legislation say that it would allow for the sharing of information in order to fight hackers and others who attempt to disrupt secure communications and engage in acts that place the safety and security of the general public at risk.

In short, the act is being proposed to FIGHT CYBER TERROR GROUPS LIKE ANONYMOUS.

NOW, perhaps people will understand why Anonymous is having such a problem with this legislation. If this thing passes, their ability to disrupt the lives of innocent victims will be curtailed and Anonymous will find themselves having to account for their actions.

Now Anonymous goes out of it’s way to fight this measure stating that it would invade your privacy since large corporations would be able to see your information.

hackingI find this hypocritical on the part of Anonymous since their favorite weapon to intimidate people is to DOX them. Doxing is the publishing PERSONAL information that people would not rather see released to the world. Anonymous engages in this practice with increasing frequency.






I find it hard to understand why Anonymous would object to this measure since they are doing the exact same thing and with no requirement to file legal justification for doing so.

I am neutral on this measure. I do not like the internet being tampered with but on the other side, I am getting fed up with the criminal actions of Anonymous blogs and Anonymous groups terrorizing the general public because of their beliefs and opinions.

I learned of the sub committee hearings several years ago and predicted this measure was coming.

If this measure passes, which it is likely to do so in some form, you will have Anonymous to thank for it.

Stay tuned