brileycnnOnce again, Holly Briley, of  Washington Courthouse, Ohio has placed the names of minors involved in high profile rape cases on her blog thus placing these minor’s safety and security in peril.

The first incident was when Mrs Briley put postings on her blog that contained the name of Jane Doe, who was the victim of the Steubenville rape.

This time, Mrs. Briley went to a Facebook page set up for those in support of the Four teenagers named as suspects in the Canadian rape case. She then took screen shots of the page as well as the names and profile pictures of every member of the facebook friends list and then published them on her blog.


The problem with Mrs. Briley doing this is that the teens have NOT been charged and by listing the names of their supporters, Mrs. Brilay has now brought these teenaged supporters to the attention to radical elements that may pry into their personal lives the way they have of the supporters of defendants in other high profile cases being debated on the internet.

This is yet another example of radical factions on the internet exposing the personal information of those with whom they disagree and make targets of their wrath.

Stay tuned