ontheairFor a while now, Radio of Radionewz.net has stated that she did not think I was a pedophile. She has stood by while her lackeys did the accusing for her (or him?) while she/he claimed that he/she did not believe I was.


That was, until now. Right out in the open on Twitter, she has made the FALSE accusation of the most serious offense one could be guilty of.

I have said many times that I would go to ANY law law enforcement agency and take ANY kind of polygraph test if it would clear this shit up. I have been making this offer for FIVE YEARS. EVERY law enforcement agency I have approached have said it is not necessary because THEY KNOW I am NOT guilty of anything even CLOSE to this.

What RADIO and others are doing is irresponsible and reprehensible. This is no joke. This kind of thing puts people’s safety in peril.

You DO NOT go around accusing innocent people of things of this nature. In this highly charged day in age, it is a dangerous thing to be spreading these kinds of rumors around.

armanonAll it takes is one hot head to get the wrong idea and someone starts something that can have serious ramifications.

People need to grow up and start using some common sense. If not someone is going to have blood on their hands.

Stay tuned