It seems that Mr Jeff Gibson may have gotten the attention of BOTH the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s  office and the Orange County Florida Sheriff’s office due to a little stunt he pulled on his twitter account yesterday.











Mr. Gibson, an Anonymous wannabe decided to be mr cool and dox me on his twitter account. Of course he blindly took the information from women with questionable reputations as fact.

The problem for Mr Gibson is that he put up the wrong information. The street and city address Mr Gibson put up is not mine but someone else with whom I have no relationship.

When I sent the homeowner a copy of the post Mr Gibson made, the homeowner expressed in no uncertain terms that he was not pleased and will deal with Mr Gibson accordingly.

As it turns out the homeowner has strong connections with the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s office and this might pose a bit of a problem for Mr Gibson.

Since Mr Gibson is a resident of Orange County, Florida, the Orange County Sheriff’s office is certain to get involved in any investigation and possible arrest for criminal stalking and endangerment charges.

I guess the next move is up to the homeowner.

In the meantime…..

Stay tuned