HANLINIn a local newspaper article Jane Hanlin sets the record straight regarding how the case started and progressed.


“The greatest lie ever told was the case was being swept under the rug. It was the exact opposite. I don’t think J.P. slept in those first couple days. I know I didn’t. There was more dedication to the case from the moment it hit the police station than any other case I have seen,” Hanlin said.

uglyprinnieOh really? Wasn’t it Alexandra H Goddard who said there was a big cover up and that it was her that discovered the twitter posts and the now famous photo?

“She (Hanlin) discounted any claims by bloggers and the group Anonymous that they uncovered evidence that broke the case open. She said City Police already had all that information.”

Hanlin went on to charge that Goddard and Anonymous did not help the case, they hurt the case as well as Jane Doe

First was the fact that Goddard and the bloggers further humiliated Jane Doe by making the public aware of the material to the extent that far more people saw it then would have otherwise been the case:

NEXTSEC“They (bloggers) exposed what happened to the victim over and over,” Hanlin said of the Nodianos video and the picture of her being carried out by her arms and legs. “The (Nodianos) video would have been seen by about 50 people instead was seen by 500 million people.”

“The victim’s representative said that was not helpful to the victim. It was hurtful. It was pointless because it didn’t bring anything to light that we didn’t already have,” Hanlin said.

This puts to rest, then, the claim that Goddard and Anonymous had the support of Jane Doe. The above statement denies those claims.

There was even cooperation from the homeowners of one of the places where the string of events occurred:

She said the Coles gave voluntary permission for their house to be searched on Aug. 16 by City Police and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation because of the realization something happened at the house. It was during that search a blanket was found that was later determined to have semen from Mays, Hanlin said.

The prosecutor went on to further address the cover up claims:

“I have no idea how the notion of a local coverup and a disinterest in not prosecuting (the case came up).

I will give you a hint,  Prosecutor: Alexandra H Goddard.

The prosecutor further stated:

We were working morning, noon and night, around the clock. Not a single piece of evidence presented at the probable cause hearing and the trial was not uncovered by the work of local law enforcement or (BCI) agents.

Most important, she stated:


Nothing was provided to us by non law enforcement.

The prosecutor went on to further state:

“There was a furor on the Internet about things being brought to light, but that information was secured in 48 hours. We couldn’t comment because we were still getting information and still determining who needed to be interviewed. We couldn’t say anything to harm the investigation. We couldn’t taint the investigation on what we wanted witnesses to say,”

I found this quote the most interesting:

“We allowed the rumors (on the Internet) to be repeated over and over even though there wasn’t a grain of truth to them.

In other words, the prosecutor allowed Goddard and Anonymous to make fools of themselves while they went forward with the work that they needed to get done.

This next statement caught me completely by surprise:

She denied there was any pressure from her office on the victim or her family not to go forward.

In fact, she said said the victim’s father, a couple days after reporting the rape, contacted Rigaud and asked the investigation be called off.

The FATHER of Jane Doe had actually asked for the investigation to be called off? That is amazing!

Rather than take the opportunity to walk away from the case, the prosecutor stated:

She talked with Rigaud and it was decided it would not be in the best interest of justice, the victim or other potential victims not to keep pursuing the case.

When it came time to make a decision to prosecute:

“One of the hardest decision as a prosecutor is to file a first-degree felony against 16-year-olds, but it was absolutely the right thing to do. At that point, we were 100 percent convinced they did it,” Hanlin said.

It seems now that the truth is coming out. Goddard uncovered nothing. There was no cover up. There was instead an orderly investigation by those charged to do so and the two teens were prosecuted.

All Alexandra H Goddard and Anonymous managed to do was to make Jane Doe and the fine citizens of Steubenville, Ohio suffer needlessly by barging in where they did not belong.

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