Just when you think things cannot get more disgusting on the internet, something like this turns up. I will let this notice speak for itself. I am too angry to say anything about this right now:


It is unbelievably sad that there are people out there who are still harassing Rehtaeh online and dishonoring her memory.  I have been monitoring this Page to ensure any inappropriate content is removed and abusive users get banned.
The family has asked that the names/images of the 4 rapists NOT be published on this site (or anywhere else, for that matter).  While I personally understand the general public’s desire to know who the 4 criminals are to protect their own families, I implore you to think about the repercussions if the names were made public at this point.  Imagine if one of the boys named were actually innocent, and we falsely accuse him, and a vigilante harms him.  The other point is that it could harm the criminal investigation and nobody wants to do that.

If you see something that you feel would be very offensive to the family or is totally inappropriate, please save a screen shot and the web link to the content, and then report it to Facebook.  You may also email me, Sonya, at katsonya@gmail.com with a link to content you feel should be removed.

I do not wish to share the link to the actual site, but some poor excuse for a human being has been creating Pages to mock Rehtaeh and it contains some graphic images and hateful things that nobody should have to see, let alone her grieving family.  If you come across a site like that, please DO NOT click “Like” or write any comments on the page in question.  It only feeds the trolls the attention they are seeking, they want to get a rise out of you.  Don’t give them that satisfaction.  Instead, take action by reporting it to Facebook.

Police in Halifax have been notified and they are working on the case with Ottawa technical support.  A constable was just at my house to take a report and will investigate promptly.

Update:  I just got a call back from the police.   He didn’t say whether or not they had found the IP address.  The internet liaison officer looked into it and said they cannot do anything, since there is no credible threat of violence, it is only considered “offensive”. So everyone has to continue to report it to Facebook and hope they will remove it again….

Don’t know how to report it to Facebook?  Go to the top of the Page, near the button “Message” there is an arrow that gives a pull-down menu.  From there, you can choose to report content to Facebook.

Stop the hate.
Be kind to others.



Stay tuned