ontheairSometimes it is hard to figure some people out and Radio is one of them. Several times this mysterious blog owner has ranted and raved that the reason I write about her is because she would not put me on her blogroll.

I, of course, have denied this. So what has been happening lately? Radio has been linking readers from her blog to here. Say what??

I have been banned from that blog so it is kind of hard to see exactly what is going on over there. I have to rely on those not banned to either screen shot the thing or relay what they see when they visit there.

Such is life, I guess. Lately, rather than engage in the futility of trying to get Radio and her entourage to tell the truth, I have decided to just go and play on line games, browse the more sensible areas of the internet and even watch some of the dvd’s that have been collecting dust around here for months as well as whatever I can get on tv.

I will still write here from time to time about whatever trips my trigger so you are all free to read or not to read.

And so without further ado…….

Stay tuned