jodiaalOne of the strange trends on the internet is the intense debate regarding expert witnesses in high profile trials. The most prominent example of this trend is the trial of Jodi Arias. Not only has there been a heated debate about her guilt or innocence, but that debate has spilled over to the expert witnesses that have been called by the defense.

What has been happening is that those on twitter and the various blogs have gone to the same intense extremes “trying the experts as a 13th juror” as they have done with defendants and their legal council in the past.

We saw some of this sort of thing in the Casey Anthony trial but this time around it has reached an all time intensity.

Alyce LaViolette, a Domestic Abuse expert has been put through the internet wringer, getting hate mail, having petitions to have her fired from future speaking engagements and even had bad reviews of her book posted by people who have not even read it.

One likely side effect of this latest trend may be that expert witnesses may not choose to testify either for the defense or the prosecution citing that the pressure from those on the internet is not worth the trouble.

The obvious ramifications to our justice system is quite clear.

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