audrieHere we go again with this continuing trend of teenagers engaging in violent behavior, this time resulting in yet another suicide due to humiliation of the victim. In this case 3 teenagers have been arrested after a 7 month investigation and have been charged with sexual battery.

Unlike the Steubenville case, there was no Anonymous, no blogs, no naming of innocent victims, no charges of a coverup. Law enforcement did it’s job and arrested three suspects.

It is sad that there seems to be an increasing number of these cases lately. The best thing that those of us on the internet can do is bring awareness of this problem onto our social media sites and debate the best solutions.

What should NOT be done is to have groups such as Anonymous start OPS that do little more than stir up hate and diatribes on the blogs as well as naming innocent victims in a senseless atmosphere of vigilantism.

Leave the police work to the police.

Stay tuned