NEXTSECIf there is one thing that is consistent about Anonymous barging into high profile cases, it that one way or another they manage to screw up the lives of innocent people with their actions.

A short while back, an article about a teenaged girl who was raped and had a photo of the rape in progress posted on the internet by one of the rapists who bragged about it. The teen attempted to commit suicide and had been on life support since 2011 until she was recently removed from life support and passed away

rehSomehow, Anonymous got involved and started #OpJustice4Rehtaeh with the intent of getting justice for Rehtaeh.


The charges of law enforcement, in this case the RCMP along with local law enforcement, either screwed the case up or covered up began to surface. A peace rally scheduled for Sunday, April 14th was announced and soon Anonymous was posting Pastebin messages about this new OP.

Then comes their big screw up. They named someone as part of the gang rape who is completely innocent.


Things soon got out of control as many on the internet who have been following the case and Anonymous’s part in it started spreading the name around and “researching” him.

It has reached the point where the mother of the deceased girl has asked Anonymous to quit naming suspects.


Good intentions or not, this is why Anonymous should butt out of making all these OPS and barging into these high profile cases. Once again they have put the safety and security of innocent victims at risk. They have done more damage then good.

Editors note: There seems to be a debate regarding who it was that disclosed the name of the innocent victim. A number of people are stating that Anonymous did not directly name the individual.

In the article is this quote:

In”In a video statement, Anonymous said it had already identified two of the alleged attackers and were “currently confirming a third”. The group said it was “only a matter of time” before they found the fourth.”

I may have misread the article and was under the impression that Anonymous had made these two names public. The problem remains, however, that Anonymous has created a vigilante atmosphere regarding the case and the name of an innocent victim had been made public and is now all over the internet.

There is also this excerpt to take into consideration in regards to Anonymous barging into this case:

“Justice Minister Ross Landry, who reportedly met with Rehtaeh’s mother yesterday, condemned the threats, saying: “Leah [Parsons] said she didn’t want harm to come to the other young people, that her daughter would not have wanted that.”

It is clear from that excerpt that the mother does not approve of Anonymous’s actions.

Only time will tell how badly innocent lives will be destroyed once again by this reckless and haphazard group.

Stay tuned