I have been informed that Radio has made a disclaimer of sorts regarding the article on this blog. In the disclaimer she also made some interesting statements regarding republishing defamatory material and publishing that material herself.

First of all, I made it quite clear in the article regarding where the the comments about Ms Picazio came from. Radio has, in fact mentioned many of the same aspects of this subject when discussing Mr Holmseth.  As long as I make it clear that the statements are accusations are that and not fact, I am in the clear.

Radio may want to heed her own advice concerning statements she has made about me and others and have allowed OTHERS to make about me and others on her blog. What is good for Mrs Picazio is good for me and the others she has attacked as well.

Perhaps Radio might want to talk to that lawyer of hers about that as well.

Mrs Picazio has all of my contact information and is free to post here or otherwise discuss this matter with me.

Stay tuned