ontheairOver the past few days, I have noticed a pattern. It is a pattern I had not paid close attention to but once I started to review Radio’s past actions, the pattern became quite clear.

It points to the fact that Radio has an unhealthy interest in the children of other people, mainly those children of people she has issues with. One has to wonder what it is behind this years long obsession by Radio.

The clues to likely reasons might be within some of the posts Radio has made about the children of certain people she has issues with.

First is this example:


In understanding why Radio may have made this post, as well as others, one must consider that Radio might be making a subconscious confession to something that is actually true in her life in regards to her offspring or lack thereof.

It is plausible to theorize that Radio had a spouse or significant other that hated his son. Did he abuse his son to the point that something drastic happened? Did this cause Radio to lash out at me to secretly confess to this being true within her family unit?

In this next example, Radio implies that my deceased son could not have been mine:


Again, Radio may be mimicking her own life through mine. Did Radio have an affair outside of her marriage or relationship whatever it may be that resulted in her getting pregnant? Is she keeping secret from that child that the father that Radio is either married or living with is NOT his/her father? Is Radio keeping from the husband or significant other the fact that HE is not the father of the child?

Yet another example of Radio’s obsession with other people’s children or in this case, a grand child, was brought about in this blog:


Why would Radio make such a remark unless there was something in her background of similar nature? Did Radio get caught pretending she was pregnant? Did Radio get caught claiming a child was hers that was not? It is certainly something to consider given her obsession with the Haleigh Cummings case and her actions regarding other people’s children.

These negative posts by Radio regarding other  people’s children are not new. There are lots of posts of this nature going back YEARS.

There has to be an underlying reason for Radio’s sick and twisted obsession with other people’s children.

Some other reasons for her obsession:

Radio may not be able to get pregnant either because of excessive substance abuse or for natural reasons.

Radio may have lost custody of her child/children either through a bitter divorce or being declared an unfit parent and the child/children were removed by the DCF.

Radio may have said or did something to cause her child/children to cease any relationship due to anger or shame.

It is not clear what reasons there are for Radio’s sick, irrational and twisted obsession with other people’s children.

It is an obsession that is on the increase. Where this increased obsession will lead is anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned