otaShiloh lied, pure and simple. I was sent a screen shot of some so called “additional information” that Shiloh supplied that I suppose was to be proof that that the vehicles and mobile belonged to me along with some kind of odd appraisal figures attached to them.

Oh really? The problem here is that anyone can pull this stuff out of thin air as Shiloh has. There is no certification that the information is true. There is no link or other verification as to where this information came from in the first place.

This is the pattern of Radio, Shiloh and the others over at that cyber abuse and law breaking blog. They write all of this nonsense about people and then provide NOTHING to back it up.

What is sad is that there are people out there stupid to even consider the nonsense they write has even the remotest truth to it.

At last there are a majority of people out there who understand that what Shiloh claimed is completely false. I know that my friends in the auto industry had a big laugh when Shiloh approached it’s “appraisal” of the vehicles that were listed. They would be more than happy to pay $12.00 for ANY vehicle running or not.

What a loon.

Stay tuned