dhsfbigunIf I have learned one thing over the past few months it is that the new crop of Anonymous is not near as bright as the so called “old guard” that started the movement in the first place.


It is easy to know this because more and more anonymous are getting caught by the feds. The primary reason for this, of course, is infiltration of the ranks.

The majority of the anons involved in recent ops are new comers that do not have the sophisticated knowledge of technology as some of the so called “old timers.”

Sure, these rookies may know how to use some code, social engineering and other basic skills necessary to get into websites and find information to dox people. What these rookies do NOT know is how to cover their asses and to recognize a snitch when they see one.

There have been some “outings” by certain members of Anonymous, the majority of which had to do with The Big Red rape case. There has been accusations made of donation scams, fame whoring and last but not least, being an informant for the feds.


There has even been some examples posted of e-mails between a well known Anon and the Feds. It would appear that some of the rookies have been had. They are lambs being led to the slaughter by a wolf in their midst.

The one thing I have learned throughout my 6 plus decades of existence is to recognize patterns. And the pattern I see is of Anon versus anon. These moronic little fools are being led astray by those who know how to milk their egos. These fools are being led by those twice their age, some with connections with high ranking FBI officials, others on the fringes looking for credit and glory for busting the heathens by allowing the Feds to visit their blogs and have a look around.

The blogs then post bits of false information to throw the rookies off track and give warning to the “old guard” that the cops are on the prowl.

It will be the rookies that will take the fall while the old guard sits back and laughs at the pwning of the kiddies.

I would suspect that within the next month or so, things are going to get real entertaining on the internet.

I will be sitting in the front seat watching this little show with my popcorn and a drink by my side.

Stay tuned