haleighRadio’s reaction to a post I made recently was swift and predictable. She seems to think it is funny that I would want certain questions asked. One question, for instance, is why Radio would spending large amounts of money on the children of a man she has issues with. That is odd to say the least.

What is also odd is that Radio employs some of the most intense security measures seen on website that only has a simple blog on it. These security measures exceed even those used by most businesses and government agencies.

Why would a mere blogger go through such intense measures to hide their identities when all they proclaim to be is the author of a spoof blog? Perhaps there is something more than just her identity that Radio is trying to hide.

There are also some other blogs and Topix threads surfacing that indicate that Radio was involved in highly questionable actions regarding the Cummings case.

Ever since I came to the defense of one person who I felt was being needlessly attacked simply for her points of view, I have been the victim of an intense and viscous attack by Radio since I started commenting on the bullying of those who supported Cayleee’s warriors and certain people following the Cummings case.

I was and am still just one of a multitude of those who followed these two cases yet I am singled out for these intense attacks by Radio.

There is more than meets the eye here and it is time to find out what.

Stay tuned