ontheairIn all the years I have been on the internet, I never dreamed that I would have seen such a hate filled diatribe as I have seen out of the elusive Radio of Radionewz.net.

Now Radio has gone and brought in completely false RUMORS that have floated around the internet for YEARS that now proves what I said earlier. That false rumors that get put on the internet get taken as fact by people like Radio that want nothing more than to smear their targets and not be held accountable for the damage they do.

It is once again important to note that Radio has yet to address the two statements it has made about my son. Radio absolutely refuses to explain the reason for the comment placed on twitter on Easter Sunday.

Now, I am going to tackle the FALSE information that Radio published although I should not have to.

First a background on the day in question. My wife and I had gone to a restaurant in Altamonte, Florida to celebrate the birthday of a close friend and workmate. The woman’s mother was also there.

After we had all placed our orders for dinner and had been served drinks, my wife suddenly leaned over and put her head on my right shoulder. My wife’s friend, who had military medical experience immediately sensed something was wrong and along with me, laid my wife on the restaurant floor where she immediately began cpr. In the meantime paramedics were called from the local station within a block of the restaurant.

As luck would have it, Florida Hospital Altamonte was located directly across the street and my wife was transported over there.

For the next three hours, the doctors worked to keep her alive and were finally able to get her stable enough to attempt a life flight to Winter Park hospital since it was a Cardiac care hospital and they were best equipped to handle the emergency.

I was informed of that the hospital was planning on doing and was driven to Winter Park where I would wait to see what the outcome would be.

When I arrived at Winter Park Hospital, I was taken into a room where I was informed that my wife had passed away in mid flight.

Now, since Radio has decided on this cruel path of demeaning my family because of some issue she has with me, I now feel it necessary to deal with this tirade of this complete stranger.

First quote from Radio’s article:

“Maybe he would like to explain why he was back online with his chat partners in less than 2 hours after her collapse at a public restaurant, being transported to a hospital and unfortunately expired.”

This is completely FALSE. This claim first came to light on TOPIX and has been repeated by the Goddard Klan members for YEARS. The FACT of the matter is that I did not say anything to anybody about what happened to my wife until early the next morning when I informed the members of a forum I was a member of that my wife had passed away from a sudden heart attack and that I would not be back on line anytime soon.

Then there is this next quote from Radio:

“Maybe he would like to explain why he showed up online in less than 2 hours after such a terrible experience and such a horrific loss to say – the brisket was good and then she fell over like a slab of meat and died.”

My response is simple. I NEVER SAID SUCH A THING. Again, Radio goes by hearsay by anonymous TROLLS on the internet.

Then comes this comment from the Radionewz.net by someone I have had issues with for YEARS.

“I have seen him cry for 5 years that someone always mentions comment about his dead wife or kid. Isn’t it funny this is the only time he even mentions them. We all know he does it for sympathy from the old hags that follow him.”

I find this comment by someone who CLAIMS to be the victim of a rape and CLAIMS to have a sister being diagnosed with a serious illness astonishing to say the least. You would think that someone who has a family member going through a similar situation regarding a life threatening illness would cause her to understand the kind of pain this puts me through every time this subject is brought up.

This same person claims to have a lawsuit pending against me and others. I think she is going to have a tough time explaining to the judge her actions of the past as well as statements such as the one made on Radionewz.net.

In closing I leave this to all of you out there regardless of what you think of me or Radio or anyone else involved in what is going on.

There is ONE PERSON who keeps bringing My DECEASED son, my DECEASED wife into her blogs. This SAME PERSON has also supported accusations that I somehow had something to do with the death of my son and wife using the motive of life insurance to back up the claim.

Radio has subscribers of her blog that have accused me of the MURDER of Trenton Duckett, Haleigh Cummings and at one point even Caylee Anthony.

Radio has has questionable and DIRECT involvement in the Haleigh Cummings case and seems to have some close involvement with the family of Tim Holmseth that she does not want discussed.

It is time that a close and intense look at the actions of Radio and other individuals close to her concerning the Cummings case. A thorough and COMPLETE investigation of EVERYONE who was directly involved in that case is in order.

An investigation of Radio’s actions may explain the attacks against me and may even lead towards answers of what happened to Haleigh Cummings.

Stay tuned