On Easter Sunday, Radio of Radionewz.net, a well know cyber abuse blog made a snide remark stating that “I could not be the father of my deceased son John Brian, who passed away in 2000 at the age of 25.


After a number of attempts to have Radio explain the remark on twitter, she instead wrote a blog article saying that I had not denied what she wrote. This is most certainly a LIE.


At 1:08 pm on Easter Sunday, I made this tweet wanting to know what Radio meant by that post:


Radio did NOT once mention my requests but wrote instead that I did not deny what she had said which is a bald faced lie.

Do note in this twitter link that I had asked THREE TIMES for Radio to answer what she had both written in the blog and the twitter post. As of the time of this writing she has continued to explain any of the references to me and my son.

This, of course, is not the first time she has made a disparaging remark involving me and my son. She once wrote a blog article accusing me of HATING my son. After a flood of outrage from the public, Radio was FORCED to apologize, but not to me. She ONLY apologized to my son and deceased wife.

Radio has also NEVER explained why the remark was made in the first place. It seems her intent was to call my son a bastard and make me suffer even more as another birthday of my son has passed without him here to celebrate it with.

Radio seems to have an odd pattern when it comes to the children of MEN who she has issues with.

There is one remarkable incident involving the children of a male she has issues with that I am researching.

Stay tuned