ontheairI had noticed of late that there has been a lot of comments made toward one individual by Radio of Radionewz.net. Those comments have had the usual mean spirited diatribe that it is noted for on the blog it owns and writes on.


A recent blog article directed towards Brianne Chantal was a rather disconcerting example of the mentality of the person who calls itself Radio.


That so called “open letter” could be taken as an implied threat considering the history between Brianne and Holly Briley. It is amazing that someone would develop such a dangerous attitude towards complete strangers.

Brianne felt it necessary to address the so called letter in the blog she authors:


Within the past couple of days, Radio has been posting some rather hateful and intense articles directed towards those it seems to have issues with.

A number of these comments include Radio stating that it would rejoice at some people being dead.


One has to wonder about someone who continuously thinks like that.

Stay tuned