dictatorThere seems to be a mentality among some bloggers that only their opinion matters. The opinions of others are unimportant. These bloggers seem to feel that if anyone disagrees with them, they are wrong. The bloggers feel that anyone who disagrees with them should be punished, banished from the internet or ridiculed to the point where they leave the internet or at the least, cease advocating their opinion.

In one subject, one case in particular there also seems to be a rather impassioned effort among certain bloggers to vilify certain individuals that had a strong advocacy or proactive action in one or two of the cases the bloggers also had a stake of one sort of another in.

The objection of the bloggers in question leads to such extreme actions and emotional outbursts that it leads those outside of the core groups as to be puzzled as to why these things are happening. They marvel at the threats, the libel, the veracity of the attacks against people who are complete strangers to each other.

It is a trend that seems not destined  to cease anytime soon.

Stay tuned