Radio is up to IT’S old game of diverting attention away from questions about her by once again engaging in smears of those who confront her about her lies. This time it is about the fact that I used Hearts4Haleigh as an example of the dangers stemming from people hiding behind hidden identities and using their blogs to misinform the public and smear innocent victims at the same time.

Radio can keep right up with her lies and those who are too blind to understand the implications can continue to follow her blog, but facts are facts. I am out in the open. My life is an open book. I am there for all to see.

Radio, on the other hand remains hidden. She is a complete unknown.

Nobody knows who she is, or  where she is. She may not even be a she. She could be and most likely is, a criminal. The longer she remains hidden, the longer people will suspect that there are ulterior motives for her to do so.

Ulterior motives and evil intent.

Stay tuned