anonymousOne big problem with Anonymous is due to the nature of how it operates. There are no guidelines on how people are supposed to act when they become a member of the movement. That is because there are no rules. Anonymous is a movement and not an established organization with policies, or rules of any kind.

This leads to widespread abuse of the movement by those with criminal intent or who wish to target individuals in some kind of personal vendetta. In my case it was over my ongoing conflict with someone who has employed questionable tactics against me and others.

I was given an ultimatum. Either shut up or be doxed. What is doxing? It is the illegal dispensing of private and personal information ie, a terroristic threat.

Well, I did not shut up and I was doxed as a result.


This occurred even after I removed a photo of someone at a PUBLIC event after Anonymous DEMANDED it be removed in order to avoid being doxed. This goes to show that there is no control by anyone at Anonymous over what is done by someone who claims to be a member.

Their doxing of innocent victims also shows that Anonymous has no regard for the first amendment nor do they comply with laws that are meant to protect the safety and security of individuals.

Doxing is not the only tactic that Anonymous uses. They also create fake content, hack and alter websites, make threatening phone calls to their target, their employers, their friends, neighbors and family members. They write blogs that make false accusations against their targets and anyone that supports them.

By doing so, Anonymous intimidates others into not speaking out in order to prevent the same thing happening to them.

Stay Tuned