fbidhsIt appears that Radio is dipping into the sauce again. Earlier in her cyber abuse blog, Radio made a number of posts that claimed that first the Department of Homeland Security and then The FBI was “observing” my blog by going through Radionewz.net first. I find that rather interesting since these accusations have been lodged against me by Michelle Lynn McKee and Alexandra Goddard since at least 2008. Now what government agency in their right mind would let a pedophile remain on the streets for that length of time?


NONE since Radio is lying through her teeth (if she has any) as she has done from the start. She then states that I should find out who a certain person is before I pick a fight with them. Well, it would be nice if Radio would inform the world of just who he/she is. She will not and one has to wonder why.

It might have to do with the fact that those in her network of friends, family and profession (if he/she has one) might not condone what he/she is doing. It just might cost this person a job or revenue of some kind if his/her professional contacts or employer found out.

When confronted Radio makes threats and then resorts to defame and libel those who are her targets. It is quite remarkable that even one of the most powerful lawyers in Florida fears reprisals if she confronts Radio. One has to wonder what Radio has on this atty to instill such fear.

Stay tuned