mlmvideoA new term turned up on some blogs recently. False narrative, which seems to be a fancy term about lying. Well, a recent application of this term has to do with a picture that has been circulating  around the internet purported to be of Michelle Lynn McKee, a well known cyber abuser. According to fellow cyber abuser Radio of, the photo is not of Michelle Lynn McKee but of someone else. Now who would that be?

This brings up a rather interesting question. There was a video on Youtube that was claimed to have been the audition video of Michelle Lynn McKee for an internship position with a PR agency representing Charlie Sheen. It was from this video that a screen capture of the photo was made.

Now, IF Radio is correct and the video is NOT of Michelle Lynn McKee, this means that Michelle Lynn LIED about being in the contest many times over.

So what is the False Narrative and who has made it?

Stay tuned