One of my main concerns with anonymously owned blogs was a repeat of the Hearts 4 Haleigh incident were a convicted pedophile was running a forum or blog. The owner of has gone through great lengths to cover up his/her identity. The person who is Radio touts interests that would be primarily male although the person claims to be a female. This was also the case with Hobit88 who was outed as a MALE pedophile a few years back.


Radio also professes to be from the Atlanta area. So it is a remarkable coincidence that along comes this incident where a college professor is on leave due to a charge of child molestation.

It is an interesting coincidence that Radio announced that he/she was going to be “on leave” for a few days in a brief article on that quickly vanished. This was around the time that someone named Shiloh took over duties there for a while.

Another rather interesting coincidence is the last name, “R”obinson. So does “R” also mean Radio?

Now we do not know FOR CERTAIN that this guy is Radio or any other member of that blog, but we also do NOT know FOR CERTAIN that the guy IS NOT Radio. Considering a mention by Radio of being “on leave” a short while back, it does make one want to wonder if………?

Stay tuned