obsA lot that gets debated on the internet has to do about content that is published on the internet. In one case, it is the supposed pm conversations between one or more parties. In other cases it is audio and video content. In others it is comments on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. Those who support this content swear up and down that the content is real, the content is true and the content is proven.

Then something comes along that throws all of this faith in internet into doubt. In this case it is something as mundane as a birth certificate. It is the birth certificate of the President of the United States.

The birth certificate issue has been one that has been around since the campaign days of the first term nomination and continues right up to today. CBS news has reported that there is now proof that the birth certificate is a fake. This is a scandal of epic importance if it is found that the birth certificate is truly a fake. It will spark new investigations, possible congressional hearings and perhaps yet another impeachment of a US President.



On the other side of this argument is the one single fact that if someone chooses to thoroughly investigate internet content and has the expert knowledge to do so, then perhaps a lot of what is being claimed to be real and genuine will, in fact, turn out to be the creation of an adversary who does not have truth as their agenda.

Stay tuned