cryradioI had decided to refrain from commenting on the bullying of the others during the trial since the story of Jane Doe transcended all of the personal differences between the various groups. Someone calling themselves The Real Executioner did not have the self control to do the same. Because of this, I decided to make one more comment regarding this loser.

There seems to be this unrelenting desire on the part of some people to mind other people’s business rather than to find something more useful to undertake. I would have thought that the problems brought out in the Red Roll rape case, that this executioner person would have concentrated on that issue. Sadly to say that is not to be so.

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Executioner and the rest of that crowd are drifting right back into that rut they created because that is all they know. The rest of us choose not to fall into that rut and are moving on, leaving their hate in the dust.

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