nsrWithin the next 24 hours, two teenagers will either be acquitted of the charges they have had levied against them or they will be found guilty of one or more sex related crimes. The consequence of the guilt charges will not only be a jail term but their having to register as sex offenders. This is a lifetime of shame coupled with additional requirements and restrictions that they will have to endure.

For instance:

Registered sex offenders cannot live within 1000 feet of a school or  park .

Registered sex offenders will have to constantly report where they are living. They cannot move, even across the street without notifying the agency they are required to report to.

Registered sex offenders may find that they will not be hired as teachers, bus drivers, day care workers or any occupation that has any interaction with children.


The most severe punishment for the registered sex offender may well be the public notification law on the books in many areas of the country. This law would let any potential resident of the immediate area where the sex offender has moved to know of their presence in the area. This might set off a firestorm of protests that may well escalate into violence as the presence of the sex offender will not be welcome by those who want to maintain safety and security for the women and children in their area.

The Registered sex offender will be the exiled, the banished, the hated and the scorned. This punishment is tantamount to a life sentence heaped upon any criminal sentence the court may lay down.

It is this ramification of their act, the two teenaged boys on trial today may have to face and perhaps it is this ramification that might prevent others from engaging in similar actions.

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