firestormThere is a firestorm brewing. It is a firestorm of anger. It is a firestorm of hate. The firestorm is centered in a small Ohio town, the town of Steubenville. The center of this storm is a courthouse. The fuel of this firestorm is the fury of the social media and those who inhabit it. There are those who are angry at the alleged rapists of a teenaged girl. There are those who are angry at the football team who they claim created a climate of the tolerance of Rape by the members of the football some have named “The Rape Crew.”

goddardoneThere are those who have anger and hate toward the head foot ball coach. Coach Reno Saccoccia. Those who are angry with Coach Reno as he is known, hate him because they allege that he covered up the rape of the teenaged girl. Rather than seek justice for the teenaged girl, he is accused of helping the rapists cover up their crimes.

renobigredNEXTSECThere are those who are angry with the accused rapists, there are those who hate the accused rapists. They are angry and hate the accused because they know that regardless a verdict of guilt or innocence, the accused will not suffer enough. The accused are juveniles, who if found guilty, will serve only a few years in juvenile prison until they are 21. The worst that will happen to them is that they will be required to register as convicted sex offenders. History will judge them, along with those granted immunity from prosecution for their testifying against the accused in the trial, as those who got away. As those who were not made accountable for their actions.

But that is only half of the anger, and half of the hate. There are others, you see, who will be forever hated, there are others who will always be the target of anger. There is the blogger, who is on the ocean of fame and likely fortune, Alexandra H Goddard, who has taken credit for bringing this coverup of a gang rape, as she puts it, into the national and international spotlight. Those who live in Steubenville who have been the target of her and her supporters anger and hate are themselves hated because of the alleged suffering that some have endured and are enduring due to their actions.

There are the members of Anonymous, who intervened in the rape case early on, with the urging of bloggers and those who support the blogs. Some of these members are being exposed and more members will likely be exposed as those who are angry with these individuals seek them out to eke out their own brand of justice.

The firestorm has reached an intensity where it will not be put out anytime soon. The intensity of the firestorm is growing. The firestorm will not be put out. The firestorm will have to burn itself out, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. That path of destruction will be the lives of those caught within it.

Stay Tuned