The simple phrase “Reno took care of it” has sparked off an ongoing debate on the blogs as well as on  Twitter. Those who support Alexandra H Goddard of, the blogger who originally claimed that Coach Reno was directly involved in a cover up of the gang  rape of a female teenager are using the revelation of the text on a cellphone containing the phrase to counter the ongoing criticism of Goddard by those who are angered by her intervention into the case.goddardone

On the other side of the issue are those who feel the phrase was taken completely out of context by those opportunists who they feel are always looking to making a lot out of nothing. The question in all of this is who is right? It is too early to tell at this point. It is something that may have to be investigated. Perhaps then the truth behind the phrase will come out.


This incident does point out how people will take content of one sort of another on the internet and translate it into what they want it to mean, regardless of the context or circumstances of how the content was created and by whom.

Stay Tuned