renoSome interesting information is coming out of day two of the Big Red Rape case being tried in Steubenville, Ohio. According to some twitter and other social media sources. There are accusations that Big Red Coach Reno may have been involved in some kind of intervention into the events surrounding the alleged rape by two members of the Football team that were charged with that crime.

When testimony came out with the phrase “Reno took care of it” a firestorm broke out within the blog and twitter communities debating if Coach Reno, did, in fact, try and cover up the facts regarding the rape.

goddardoneThere is no easy answer at the moment as the facts are not completely out, but it does indicate that an Ohio blogger, Alexandra H Goddard, who originally made the claim that Coach Reno did interfere with the case may have been correct when she discussed this theory on her blog, and on her twitter accounts.

It must be made clear that not all of the facts are in at this point as the trial is ongoing. I would suggest that people not jump to conclusions either way. I do feel, however, that this new development is one that deserves a close and long look.

Stay tuned